Half robot, half chicken, and half small boy – that makes me 1.5x the person any caterpillar could dream of being.

In 2015, my short story ‘Smithy’ was shortlisted for the Falmouth Young Writers’ Prize. Since then, I’ve had fiction and non-fiction published on minuspaper.com, postcardshorts.com and ukfestivalguides.com, and have released an eBook anthology on Amazon Kindle called ‘Bruthcombe‘, featuring a gang of flesh-eating flying fish, an eccentric detective, an acid-dropping killer, and a catslaughterer. It’s fair to say that most of my work is darkly humorous and a bit dystopian, although I do enjoy writing about the ‘real world’ as well. Sometimes.

I also write comedy sketches, and they’re often as bizarre as eggs with white yolks. Some of which have been produced by ‘Butty Hands‘, a small production company I co-founded. Others of which have yet to be released but are in the pipeline for something special.

When not holding a pen or my knob, there’s a guitar in my hands and I’m making music. A few of my songs have already made it to the website and there’ll be more soon, so set up a CCTV camera and watch this space like its a collection of van Gogh’s masterpieces – maybe one day it could be as precious. Well, possibly. Hopefully. Probably not. Hmm.

So, have a browse, see what’s what and what’s not what. And thanks for now but possibly not forever as we both know that you have a tendency to lash out like an abused cat, and that’ll surely end our friendship if my sword swinging compulsions doesn’t,

Joshua Perrett

P.S. I’m not a huge social media user. Got a Google+ page cuz it comes with the gmail account, but I wouldn’t bother looking at it – I know I haven’t. Got Twitter (@JoshuaPerrett) though I use it as often as Christmas crackers. But I do now have a reddit account, username is JoshuaPerrett, so check it out as I may be posting the odd bit of fiction on there, and if I use it enough, maybe I’ll have a subreddit on the go someday.