Boomtwon 2017 [Review]: Pirates, Music and a Piggyback Mosh Pit

This year, on behalf of UK Festival Guides I visited Boomtown Fair, a music festival held annually in the south of England, teaming with MDMA, ketamine, drum and bass and reggae. Below you can read an extract from my review, and the whole piece here.

At a festival dominated by reggae, ska, electronic and rap, the rock acts were somewhat outnumbered. Some came armed with accordions and strings and other folkish instruments, playing what I would’ve called ‘pirate punk’, basically the SpongeBob SquarePants theme tune with distorted guitars and a slightly higher bpm (side note: what was with all the attendees clad in pirate gear and speaking with an accent somewhere between the Simpsons’ Captain McCallister and a West Country farmer?) The other bands were either more along the lines of ska-punk or hardcore and all were dressed in black, confirming my suspicion that an unwritten punk rule demands its followers wear only the colour of coal and sometimes a flash of red, green, yellow or blue in their hair if they really must insist on being a pretty, little flower of an outcast.

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