Ode to a Magpie

Exquisitely written, some magical phrasing in there and a lot of emotion for such a short piece; a snapshot of lead character’s lonely life.

Ben Dickenson Bampton

She made it all worthwhile. The white-blonde hair and tinkling laughter dizzied Rebekah. She had only known the girl five hours, but already it were as if years had passed.

The sun didn’t need to shine. As traffic screamed on and children cried, all that mattered was the lovely face in front of hers.

Presently, their lips locked. Arms, fingers, toes, enveloped at once in a thrilling and everlasting embrace.

The wind picked up, blowing her hairs and the corners of her skirt in its breeze, and yet she remained, ever-present, dignified, strong.

Those wasted summers and wanting winters were forgotten by their mutual breath. Rebekah at once understood living. The harshness of a life she had deemed so brutal was alleviated and lost. The barriers disengaged and discarded themselves, now simply the laughable constructs of her exhausted mind. She had wanting nothing until love had arrived, and now she…

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