This short story named ‘Cobwebs’ by Ben Dickenson Bampton is good again, back of the net, a hat-trick hero and all that. These shorter pieces of fiction are just as narrative driven as a novel, but they leave the reader to wonder what could possibly be the prelude and conclusion of the story as a whole, thought-provoking to the point where I had to re-read parts to try and imagine the events before and after this moment in this character’s life. And that’s what good short stories/flash fictions do, they encourage the reader to ask more questions than they can find the answers to. They make the narrative blossom in their minds when there are no more words to read.

Ben Dickenson Bampton

The solid thud of the thick oak door met her ears with familiar resonance. The tall window, a glistening mass of cobweb, cast a crisp shard of light over the hallway, the only light in an otherwise dark home. Slow nowadays, she could only creep up the stairs.

Pushing at the white-painted door drew a lonely creak. Although the sensation of doing so felt comforting, she no longer knew why. Stepping inside, she laid eyes upon a bed: his bed, her bed, their bed. A bed she had not seen for years.

It was as if her lover had left only yesterday. Bedclothes lay unruffled, at ease, while the pillows rested, smooth, where their own heads once had. Moving closer, she ran a frail, parchment-white hand along the covers. The cautious touch sent shy shimmers of remembrance about her. In a blissful instant, crisp fabric became rigid uniform, the spongy…

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