The Path flash fiction by Joshua Perrett

The Path [Flash Fiction]

Originally posted on Seakay’s Guide to Storytelling,¬†Elliot walks ‘The Path’ of someone’s life from birth until death, he too meeting his demise at the end of the journey.

Below is an excerpt from the piece…

Elliot walked on further, immersed in things he tried to forget. School art books, unfinished, streaks of water colours like tears on the paper. The novel, unfinished, a lone title on the page. And the music, unlearnt, accompanied by the keyboard, unplayed. Then he heard a crying, desperate and weak. He scoured the rubble before finding the source of the noise. A snow globe. Trapped inside was a single boy in tears. Elliot tried to set him free. He chipped away at the glass, breaking off whole sections, but every time they grew back before the boy could escape. Elliot put the snow globe aside though his mind could not part with the cries.

You can read it on Seakay’s Guide to Storytelling by clicking here.

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