Two Spoons Series One

Two Spoons – Best of Series One [Video]

A show fraught with questionable content, flying simply under the name of its creators, Two Spoons Series One was quite something. Well, it was something, anyway.

There were poor decisions and plenty of them. Writing a musical about Louis Theroux going undercover as Gordon Ramsay’s chef apron was just one of them. A sketch about Ainsley Harriot‘s cannibal cafe was another, and so to a piece in which the names of famous wrestlers were exchanged for foodstuff. Triple HP Sauce, anyone?

Thankfully, for the pride and dignity of Butty Hands as well as the audience’s enjoyment, there were occasional good moments, which you’ll find in the above video. Such slices of excellence include the story of a man who’s fooled his town into believing he’s a goose, two friends’ disturbingly violent encounter in a local park, and bafflement as to why Harry Potter wears glasses – couldn’t he just magic himself new, working eyes?

So, the maiden voyage of the Two Spoons radio show may have reached its end. Series One might be over but we invite you to pick up our stainless steel handles one more time and dig into a bowl of our best bits.

All sketches written and performed by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett. All music performed by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett.

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