Can potatoes feel pain?

Can Potatoes Feel Pain? – Butty Hands News Investigates [Video Comedy Sketch]

Once again, we dive into the fantasy world known as the Buttyverse. This time, we follow Butty Hands News as they launch the inquiry of the century: can potatoes feel pain?

Along the way, we meet anchorman Johnny Hotskins, northern English lead investigator Ryan Jennings, and a uni student who’s forced to peel potatoes. It’s a real mismash of characters.

This video perhaps marks the point at which Butty Hands took a step in the right direction and really focused on producing quality content that was actually funny. Whether or not that was accomplished is not for me to comment on and is most likely for you to say a resounding ‘no’. Then again, you might like it, so give it a chance, please. Please.

After the release of this video, though, came what I consider to be some of my favourite Butty Hands videos. So use the links below and check them out for yourselves before someone’s ear falls off.

YouTube Channel


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