Child playing with pet dog.

Catching Up with an Old Friend [Radio Comedy Sketch]

What’s the worst that could happen when you bump into an old friend in the local park? Maybe they’ll show off their new dog with springy legs it just loves to jump on. Perhaps they’ll introduce you to their screaming baby. Or perhaps all of these could happen at once and before you know it, a terrible, terrible thing has happened.

Well, that was exactly the case when Francine and her son Max bumped into Claudia and her playful pit bull at the park.

Originally, I wrote this sketch earlier this year. Then, in the summer, Loz (the other half of Butty Hands) and I reworked it featured it in ‘Two Spoons – Episode One: Out of the Drawer’, a comedy radio show comprised of podcast segments, music and comedy. Sadly, this all ended after one series as two of the episodes were of rather questionable quality. In other words, they were comedy musicals written while stoned and with a tight deadline. And if you must know, one was about a kid’s quest to find out where sweetcorn comes from, and the other was about Louis Theroux’s experience as an apron working undercover in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Go on the Butty Hands channel and you’ll be able to unearth them from their respective (and rightful) graves.

To replicate the effects of microwaving your own head, use the following links to unjoy more Butty Hands music, comedy and short films:

YouTube Channel

Featured image source.


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