Stuart Little boat race central park

Did Stuart Little Copy Star Wars? – Two Spoons Discuss Stuart Little [Podcast Segment]

Picture Hugh Laurie. Does he have a stethoscope on your ballsack? Is he tinkling the ivories? Or is he talking to an animated mouse?

Yes, today we are of course discussing the high point of the ex-Blackadder, ex-House, ex-Jeeves & Wooster actor’s carer: Hugh Laurie’s role as Mr Frederick Little, foster father of 2-inch mouse, Stuart.

As always, being a children’s film, there’s plenty to talk about because the acting and the plots are often floppy, limp at best. And while Stuart Little boasts a roster of fairly respectable stars (Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, and Laurie being the ones I recognise), that doesn’t distract from the movie’s insanity. I mean, a mouse gets tied to a model railway line in an attempt to crush his guts out. What is this, Saw?

It doesn’t stop there, though. To me, there’s a startling similarity between Stuart Little 1‘s boating bonanza in Central Park and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace‘s pod race (probably the fact that there’s a start and a finish line). And what about the bit when Stuart ends up inside of a washing machine, coughing up soap like a broken bubble maker?

Today, Two Spoons explore the ankle-high world of Stuart Little and reach some interesting conclusions.

To replicate the effects of microwaving your own head, use the following links to unjoy more Butty Hands music, comedy and short films:

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