A drawing of Harry Potter.

Miss McGonagall is Not a Whore – Two Spoons Discuss Harry Potter [Podcast Segment]

Once again, I find myself with fellow Spoon, Loz McManus, talking about another classic kids’ film: Harry Potter. However, unlike Toy Story, this isn’t a film franchise we’re fans of.

I mean, if you can tell me what the basic plot in J K Rowling’s work is, then that’s certainly impressive as I have seen every instalment on the big screen and still have no idea. Is he trying to hide from Voldemort? Kill him? Become the world’s best Quidditch player? Maybe I’ve just forgotten it all – which is the most likely scenario – but the fact I can’t remember doesn’t suggest that I, unlike every 20-something white girl on the planet, have a deep infatuation for Potter and his crusty, old head injury.

So, what happen in this podcast entree? Two Spoons put to bed many of the rumours and potholes in Harry Potter, dismissing the bizarre belief that Professor McGonagall runs a cat house, asking why Harry still wears glasses if he’s such a special, little wizard, and wondering how Alan Rickman passed away if he’s an (albeit fictional) potions teacher.

All artwork by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett.

To listen to Two Spoons discussĀ Toy Story, click here, pal.

To replicate the effects of microwaving your own head, use the following links to unjoy more Butty Hands music, comedy and short films:



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