A drawing of Woody the cowboy from the Toy Story films

‘Why Woody, Why?’ – Two Spoons Discuss Toy Story [Podcast Segment]

You couldn’t begin to predict how many people right now are sat on Jupiter, reading this. I mean, I can tell you, as I have the stats for this website – and let me assure you, they’re easily countable – but that’s beside the point. What I’m getting at is this: When you’re a a bit beer brained and sit down to talk about a classic children’s film, you can’t imagine what you might say.

For instance, according to us ‘Two Spoons’ (me and my friend Loz), Andy was born holding his cowboy action figure Woody, all bloody and sticky, fresh out of the womb. And Buzz Lightyear was named after lazers that go ‘buzz, buzz, buzz’, rather than the famous space warrior Buzz Aldrin.

This is a conversation about Toy Story that certainly tries to wonder astray, but is somehow kept relevant by momentary references to things that actually happened in the film. In other words, there’s a lot of confusion, and even more imagination, but at least it’s entertaining.

All artwork by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett.

To replicate the effects of microwaving your own head, use the following links to unjoy more Butty Hands music, comedy and short films:

YouTube Channel


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