Joshua Perrett Misfits Skulls Cover

Skulls (Misfits Cover) [Music]


A little over a year ago, I recorded a version of Misfits’ ‘Skulls’. It’s one of my all time favourite songs of theirs, an MDMA tempo and addictive melody.

I think I’m right in saying that when making this track, I used two different guitars (a Fender Squier Telecaster Custom and a Japanese Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster) to produce a thickĀ guitar sound for the first time. Moreover, I also added several vocal lines, in chorus backing in particular. What a revelation this was to me, even though layering isĀ something a lot of musicians do in the studio. After all, it saves having a band comprised of 7 guitarists, 22 vocalists, and 3 conductors.

At the time, I was very pleased with the result, regarding it as my best piece of music to date. Now, however, I’d say that the vocals are a little too high pitch, although that may have been due to a strong kick to the plums I received shortly before recording. That was the last time I offered to use my penis as a golf tee.

If I were to reproduce Skulls, I’d first weigh down my bollocks by attaching a steel girder to them using fishing hooks and lines, swinging it violently between my legs and into the air if some falsetto singing is required. That and I’d improve the audio quality of the guitars – they sound a bit tinny, a bit distant, like some far-flung Spam.

To replicate the effects of microwaving your own head, use the following links to unjoy more Butty Hands music, comedy and short films:

YouTube Channel


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