Superskunk Coffeeshop – The Best in Amsterdam [Review]

‘Finally, a place where you can get toasties and toasted.’

by Joshua Perrett

In Amsterdam, buying weed is as easy as eating a whole packet of Haribo. Everyone knows that. But not everyone may know of one of The Netherlands’ best coffee shops – Superskunk. Named after a strain of cannabis, which you can buy in-store, the shop offers a wide range of goods from hash to pre-rolls to classic bags of weed. They even weigh it before your heavy, red eyes, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth – something that those of us who’ve bought smoke off the streets can only dream of. And then there’s the edibles. Sure, you can pick up a space cake or five, but it’s all about the toasted cheese sandwiches. Finally, a place where you can get toasties and toasted. They should’ve called it ‘The Cheese Shop’.

Superskunk Coffeeshop, Amsterdam menu.
C’est Magnifique (Source)

When my mates and I first headed to Superskunk, we sat outside the front, admiring the canal, like a boulevard for boats, tree-lined with postcard pretty houses. It wasn’t until our second visit that we sat inside, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Beside the counter were tall tables and chairs like those you’d find in a pub or bar, forming the area I imagine people sit in for a quick spliff and a Coke before captaining a canal cruise. The real magic, though, takes place beyond the smoking room doors. Here were sofas stretching along every wall, gold tables, paintings, crisp and sweet dispensers, speakers and candles – a pothead’s paradise. And it was here that we induced ourselves into many kush comas.

Plastic joint case.
A joint case from Superskunk, used to lock in the toastiness.

A lot of our time in Amsterdam was spent here, sampling the produce. But this wasn’t a bad thing. It was some of the smoothest smoke I’ve ever had, so it didn’t feel like a train had smashed into your skull. You could build up your high perfectly, different ratios of sativa and indica on offer to suit anyone’s preference.

We visited a few other coffeeshops during our stay, and although they were good, they had nothing on Superskunk. In fact, they had so little on it that I’ve forgotten their names. And going by that, Superskunk Coffeeshop must be the best in Amsterdam.

This review is an adapted excerpt from my article on Amsterdam, which covers Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam Centraal, and the Hans Brinker Budget Hostel, Vondelpark. Click here to read it.


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